Offbeat places to visit in India

India is a place with full of adventures. One needs to live them to the fullest when they are travelling.

Here are some amazing places that one can think of exploring.

Roopkund Lake

This place is also known as the Skeleton Lake and is one of the dreadful secluded places that one can visit. It is located in the regions of Himalayan Mountains. If one is fond of visiting haunted places then they can definitely try this place. This is because; this place is known for the hundreds of corpses between 300 to 600 skeletons which actually date back to 15th century AD. Now the question is how can there be so many skeletons in that remote place at once? Well, according to the local stories that go around, it happened because of the fury of local deity called Latu. People were caught in a deadly hailstorm and were thrown in the lake.


This place is also known as the mini Switzerland of India and it is a hill station which is located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. This place is picturesque with a dense deodar forest and the green meadow adds some extra charm to the place. This is a small plateau with green turf and the forests add some pastoral scenery here. If you are up for some adventure, then you can any day go for a paragliding session there.


Drass is a busting valley at the river banks and it starts from the Zoji La Pass. This place is also known as the Gateway to Ladakh and is situated in the Kargil district of Jammu and Kashmir. This valley is situated at an altitude of 10990 feet from the sea level and the mountain ridges range from 16,000 to 21,000 feet. It is also the second coldest place in Asia as the temperature often goes down under freezing point. But one can visit them during summers and springs.

Pangong Lake

This is known as the heaven of India. This is a perfect tourist destination for all even if you go alone or with family. But with friends, the beauty of this place increases. The electric blue water of the lake is surrounded by rugged mountains and above it lays the clear blue sky. It is a peaceful place to be and the serene nature around makes a perfect ambience for you and your travel partners.

Kumaon Hills

This place is famous for wild life spotting and one can also get to spot snow leopards here. Located in the Garhwal Himalayas it is said that Kumaon has at least 10 percent of total snow leopard population in India. One can opt to trek through the mountains to get a better view of the mountains and of course to spot more of this endangered species along with other wild animals.

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