What is VLSI and where to get VLSI Training?

What is VLSI?

In this age, the importance of VLSI training has gained huge importance. VLSI also termed as Very large scale integration is the process from which we can create an integrated circuit which is by combining hundreds or thousands of transistors or devices which is into the single chip. In the year 1970, VLSI had got complex semiconductor along with communication technologies which are developed. This microprocessor is known as the VLSI device.

Design of VLSI

VLSI is consists of Frint End Design as well as Back End design. The front end design includes the digital design which is by using the HDL as well as design the verification of the simulation along with the verification techniques. The design also includes gates with the design of testability; backend design comprises of CMOS library design along with the characteristics.

The major design steps for the different levels of abstractions are listed below.

  • It should be problem specification as the major parameters that are considered are performance, physical dimensions, functionality, and fabrication technology with design techniques.
  • The step is all about the architecture definition.
  • The next is a functional design which is the major functional units of the system that facilitates the identification of the interconnect requirements which is between the units as well as physical and electrical specifications of each unit.
  • Development of the logic design.
  • The next is the development of the circuit design.
  • Doing the physical design.

Training of VLSI

Online VLSI training has been designed by keeping in mind about the current requirements of the today’s semiconductor industry. The VLSI trainees usually get the prime focus on ASIC, which train the VLSI students in front-end design with ASIC verification practices. With the help of the online training program, the students can build a long-lasting successful carrier in VLSI.

Future Scope of VLSI

During the recent years, it has been a significant increase in the demand for the chips which are used in most of the products. The products include electronics, medical electronics equipment, and computers along with other devices. As the growth of this is now increasing day by day, the design of the chip is also increasing day by day.

To meet the demands of the chips, the companies are now establishing their plants in India. India has got huge potential; so many big companies are eyeing to establish their industry in India. In India, there are many well know institutions who all provide quality training for the VLSI.  These institutes who all provide this training also help in getting the job after you completed the course under them.

There are many best VLSI training institute in India from where you can get the training about the VLSI. Some of the institutes that you can join are Institute of Silicon Systems, Maven Silicon VLSI Training Center, Indian Institute of VLSI Design and Training along with other institutes. If you want to go for VLSI training, then you can go for these institutes.

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